1300 Neptune Avenue

I’ve never had an experience where I’m so wildly excited about service that I’ve received that I look forward to writing a testimonial, but this is that instance. I initially contacted Debbie and Bill about a property that I was interested in, and immediately from the start, I sensed a professional warmth that put me at ease with the process. They informed me that they were leaving on vacation the following week, but even when they were gone, they were intimately involved in the process – from Europe – no matter the hour, no matter the question, no matter the issue. It looked like the deal might be falling through several times given the seller’s reluctance, and Debbie was always a calming presence while at the same time thinking strategically about potential solutions. Eventually, it all came into place….
…And that’s when Debbie and Bill really began to shine. As my wife and I live in New York City but were buying a place in San Diego County, the closing process was naturally a bit more complicated. But, with Debbie and Bill as our eyes and ears, handling every inspection, scoping out neighbors to the north and south, going through instruction manuals to learn how certain locks could be re-programmed, etc., the process was quite literally a breeze. 0It’s cliché to use the term “dream home,” but my wife and I feel as if we’ve found it and largely have Debbie and Bill to thank. Moreover, we feel like we’ve gained friends as much as real estate agents, and that just adds the cherry on top to an otherwise pristine experience.   – Scott Kelce

Bought for $7,995,000

Represented buyer of this beautiful bluff-top home with amazing ocean views and stairs right down to the beach.  Fantastic!

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