1542 Norran

1542 Norran Ave, El Cajon, CA 92020

Sold way over list price for $665,000

Selling price set a new high water mark for the neighborhood – more than 10% over comparable recent sales.

Debbie skillfully listed our home in the new post-COVID world, which safely and quickly sold at a price way higher than any in the neighborhood had before.  We followed her great staging advice, marveled at her great marketing, and enjoyed how she skillfully handled multlple offers from the many eager buyers it attracted. Once we accepted an offer (well over list price) she didn’t stop there and kept working until we also got a great backup sales agreement that helped ensure our primary buyer performed and appreciated their purchase all the more.  Everybody was thrilled.  Thank you, Debbie!!

  – Marcia & Martin Frischknecht

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