Why Sellers Choose Debbie

I believe that selling a home should be a good experience with a great outcome – for my clients.  Making that come true isn’t easy, which is why I’m so proud of the dozens of testimonials I’ve earned from happy sellers over the years.  Many realtors talk about how much business they’ve done, but I prefer to emphasize how many clients have been thrilled and become lifelong friends!

Since most buyers now use online search engines to find properties (e.g. Redfin or Zillow) and create a “short list” of properties to view in person, a great online presence is crucial.  I offer the highest quality online presentation, including great photography, compelling descriptions, video and virtual tours.  Check out the videos and property websites in the Seller Testimonials section of this website.

Getting your home into escrow quickly is good, and getting the sale closed on good terms, maximizing net selling proceeds and minimizing the chance of post-sale buyer complaints is always my goal. 

Every transaction brings its own set of challenges, and I bring great value by addressing them with subtleness and skill that only extensive experience provides.  You want a very experienced pilot for your flight to real estate success, right?  For example, knowing what contingencies should be removed when can make the difference between the sale closing quickly or languishing for months.  And knowing how to motivate buyers in bidding wars can make the difference between getting the price you expected or making expensive 11th hour concessions.

In over 15 years and 150 transactions, I  have built strong, positive relationships and credibility with scores of agents in the area, which pays off for you when negotiating offers and counter offers to achieve win-win agreements that maximize the value you will realize from the sale.  I won’t waste your time with unqualified buyers or offers that don’t make sense, and I maximize your time efficiency with thorough work and good communication.

Price is the same, the outcome is better, so why use anyone else?  You’ll be happy you listed with Debbie Carpenter, and I look forward to adding you to my list of happy customers willing to put their name on my growing treasure chest of client testimonials.

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