Advice on Choice of Listing Agent

Selling broker commissions all cost about the same but the quality of the service you get can vary dramatically. 

You may already know a number of real estate agents.  Choosing the right agent to list your home is important – so below is some useful advice. 


  1.  Positive testimonials.  Lots of them.  Making the sale of your home a good experience with a great outcome isn’t easy, and takes experience, skill, and plain hard work.  Earning glowing testimonials from thrilled clients isn’t easy.
  2. Experience.  Lots of it.  Every sale presents unexpected challenges, so having an agent who’s seen something similar before can save you heartache – and money!
  3. Great marketing – make sure to see examples of what this listing agent has done for other sellers – and will do for you as well.  Do they offer a customized marketing plan for your property?
  4. Compatibility.  Success takes teamwork – lots of it.  Pick an agent you enjoy working with – and feels like on your same wavelength.
  5. In person. The listing agent should be there in person for showings, appraisal, inspections – must be present for you to win!
  6. The person.  Make sure you will be working with the person you’re interviewing!


  1. Listing price – Never choose the agent based on a high promised listing price.  Many agents will tell you what you want to hear to get the listing, and if the listing price is too high your listing gets stale and ends up selling for less than if it was property priced in the first place.  Choose the agent – then collaborate on a listing strategy that will bring you the highest net selling proceeds.
  2. Discount commissions – you get what you pay for, and the difference in sales price and concessions can add up to much more than a percent or two. 2.5% listing side commission is all it takes to get the best.  Less gets you less.
  3. Big teams can look attractive but sellers often end up rarely work directly with the big name that got your listing.  Make sure you know who will be working with you on a daily basis!
  4. Lockbox showings.  I am there to personally help the potential buyer not only fall in love with your home, but also envision enjoying the lifestyle – beaches, parks, schools, restaurants and more!  Must be present for you to win!

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